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We Have a Special Interest in Banking & Financial Law

Welcome To Rochford Solicitors

Welcome To Rochford Solicitors

Whether you’re running a small business or a large corporation, the team at Rochford Solicitors offer expert legal advice on a broad range of commercial and financial matters. Gain financing, settle contract disputes, draft wills and make sure you’ve thoroughly reviewed agreements with assistance from our qualified lawyers in Toowoomba. 

We have a special interest in:

Our team is backed by a wealth of industry knowledge, allowing us to advise on possible solutions for our clients. Book an appointment with our team to take advantage of our great range of services.

Knowledgeable in Commercial Law

Knowledgeable in Commercial Law

There are a multitude of compliance regulations and official documents required to make sure your business is established correctly and operating at its best. Our solicitors in Toowoomba draft, review, negotiate and execute a wide range of documentation to help business owners and operators.

We have a special interest in all matters of business and finance law — whether you’re purchasing office space or negotiating a supplier agreement. Our team can review the terms and conditions of a contract of sale, create a non-disclosure agreement for your staff, or organise mediation to settle a breach of contract. From conveyancing to commercial litigation, we can tailor our services to suit your best interests.

About Our Team

At Rochford Solicitors, our founder Lelia has accrued a wealth of knowledge working in the banking and financial sector. We offer an array of legal advisory services, focussing on commercial solutions that help our clients throughout Toowoomba to grow their business and reach their goals.

Finance Law

From sale and lease back agreements to refinancing a mortgage, we offer legal advisory services to assist on a wide range of financial matters. We represent private and commercial clients.

Commercial Law

Whether you’re setting up a joint venture or leasing a business, our commercial legal team is here to help. We offer advice and assistance on drafting and reviewing contracts to protect your interests.


Review contracts before you buy or sell a property, with services from our conveyancing team. We can negotiate terms, carry out necessary searches and liaise with banks on your behalf.


Make sure your loved ones are well taken care of with a valid and comprehensive will from our team. We can carefully address your requirements and distribute your estate according to your wishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of commercial contracts can you assist with?

Our solicitors have worked with many kinds of commercial contracts, including buy and sell agreements, commercial leases, shareholders agreements, franchise agreements, distribution agreements and joint venture agreements. We can assist with contracts and negotiations and also provide conveyancing services.

What is commercial litigation?

If an agreement can’t be reached through mediation, you may choose to submit the case to court. In this instance, a judge will determine the most appropriate solution to settling the dispute. Choose a commercial legal specialist to represent you and prioritise the best interests of your business.

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