Why Engaging A Conveyancer Early On Can Save You Money

by | Dec 15, 2023

A Lawyer who provides conveyancing services (a conveyancer) provides professional advice about the transfer of property ownership and is licensed to give advice on both buying and selling processes.

In this article we explore why engaging a conveyancer early in a buying or selling process can help you save money.

Why Engage A Conveyancer Early In The Buying Process?

If you are searching for a new property or would like to make an offer on a property you have already found, it is beneficial to contact a conveyancer as soon as possible. In Queensland, hiring a conveyancer is not a legal requirement but there are many benefits to receiving advice for a conveyancer, including:

Document Preparation

Unfortunately, buying a property is rarely as simple as a straightforward transfer of money. Multiple legal documents are involved in the transaction and as they are full of legal jargon, they can be very difficult to understand. A conveyancer can help you prepare all the necessary documents, check for errors and help you understand exactly what each document means.

Organise Your Payments

When selling a property in order to buy a new one, there can be a confusing overlap where you are making payments for both your old property and your new one. A conveyancer will be able to organise and simplify your payments and make financial adjustments for you so any settlements will be simple and straightforward. This ensures you don’t make overpayments, helping you to save money.

Why Engage A Conveyancer Early In The Selling Process?

In addition to the above benefits, a conveyancer can also provide benefits in the selling process:

Represent You In Settlements

During any settlements, a conveyancer will be able to represent you. For example, a conveyancer may identify an easement on the property you wish to purchase and help you negotiate a better price for the property based on this. An easement is a form of legal right over land that is owned by someone else and can affect how you can use the property in the future.

Expert Advice

Conveyancers work exclusively in the property market and will have expert knowledge of the property market in your area. This means they can offer expert advice about properties, such as whether a property is being listed at a fair price, what a competitive offer on a property may be and how much potential value a property may have, helping you to save money.

Transfer Property Ownership

A house purchase is not finalised in Queensland until a legal transfer of property ownership has been completed. A conveyancer can ensure all your documents for purchasing the house are in order to help legitimise your ownership of the property and ensure the transfer can go through.

When Is The Best Time To Hire A Conveyancer?

As outlined above, hiring a conveyancer in the early stages of buying or selling a property can help you to save money. You may, however, choose to hire a conveyancer before you have even started looking for properties or put your property on the market. This is beneficial as a conveyancer can use their expert local and industry knowledge to guide you through the entire process, helping you save money from day one of your search.

Is Hiring A Conveyancer Beneficial For Commercial Property Transactions?

If you are preparing to buy or sell a commercial property, it is beneficial to hire a conveyancer with a specialism in commercial conveyancing or business law. A commercial conveyancer can help to streamline the buying or selling process as much as possible, helping to minimise any business disruption and protect your profits. They can also help manage any obligations related to fixed assets, equipment and stock, employee contracts, supplier agreements and organise any existing invoices and relevant tax obligations.
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