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Comprehensive Legal Services

At Rochford Solicitors, we provide a wide range of legal advisory services to private and commercial clients in Toowoomba and surrounding areas. Our solicitors support businesses throughout many industries and offer personalised solutions. Whether you’re starting a business or refinancing a mortgage, our qualified solicitors are here to help. Our firm is based in Toowoomba and we operate throughout the Darling Downs, assisting clients in Dalby, Highfields, Oakey, Pittsworth and Ipswich.

Our solicitors have a special interest in financial and commercial law, and conveyancing. We draft, review and negotiate a wide range of contracts, from loan agreements to contracts of sale. If you’re buying or selling a property, make sure our solicitors look over documents before you sign anything. We strive to minimise risk and maximise benefits for our clients. Our team also offer a variety of will and estate services, such as nominating a Power of Attorney.

For comprehensive legal services, focussed on you and your business’ needs, book an appointment with the team at Rochford Solicitors in Toowoomba.

Commercial & Finance Law Services

Professionals in Business & Finance Law

At Rochford Solicitors Toowoomba, we offer a range of legal advisory services suited to both private and commercial clients. Our financial solicitors draft, review, negotiate and execute a wide range of financial agreements, including asset financing, loan agreements, security agreements and much more. Our team also offer conveyancing services for residential and commercial property owners.

Establish, manage and operate your own business with legal advisory services from our team. From company registration to reviewing terms and conditions contracts, our qualified solicitors always aim to find a solution for you. 

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About Our Firm

Rochford Solicitors, incorporating @LAW, is a family-owned firm with a special interest in finance and commercial law.

Our business was founded by Toowoomba local, Lelia, who has worked in the banking and finance sector throughout Australia.

We’re a small business ourselves, so we understand the red tape, time demands and maze of compliance requirements that small businesses have to deal with.

We aim to simplify legal matters for our clients, while taking the time to thoroughly explain contractual obligations.

With vast knowledge and an intricate understanding of legal complexities, our Toowoomba solicitors offer various services to help you achieve your business goals and protect your interests.


Finance Law

From sale and lease back agreements to refinancing a mortgage, we offer legal advisory services to assist on a wide range of financial matters. We represent private and commercial clients.

Commercial Law

Whether you’re setting up a joint venture or leasing a business, our commercial legal team is here to help. We offer advice and assistance on drafting and reviewing contracts to protect your interests.


Review contracts before you buy or sell a property, with services from our conveyancing team. We can negotiate terms, carry out necessary searches and liaise with banks on your behalf.


Make sure your loved ones are well taken care of with a valid and comprehensive will from our team. We can carefully address your requirements and distribute your estate according to your wishes.

Solicitor FAQs

What is the difference between a solicitor and a lawyer?

In Australia, the terms “lawyer” and “solicitor” can be used interchangeably, but there is a difference. A solicitor primarily works with preparing cases and providing legal advice, while a lawyer represents clients in court proceedings.

Why should I choose a solicitor?

When you engage a solicitor to help you with your case, you’ll receive:

  • Specific guidance and advice when it comes to preparing documentation
  • Professional expertise and knowledge of legislation and how it might impact you
  • Assistance in finding the best approach or navigating various alternatives
  • Support avoiding potential negative consequences if your situation becomes more complex

What questions should I ask my solicitor?

When engaging our solicitors, you’ll naturally have questions for our team. It’s important to ask:

  • What documentation should I bring for my first meeting with you?
  • What is your experience? Have you dealt with similar cases?
  • Who will be handling my issue?
  • How long will matters take?
  • Can you predict my prospect of success?

What is a Letter of Administration?

When a valid will has not been left, the next of kin can apply to the Supreme Court for a Letter of Administration that allows them to distribute the deceased’s estate. Our solicitors can help prepare the application, which must be submitted in order for an administrator to be appointed. Find out more about our services surrounding wills and estates.

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